Rigging points

At ServiFira we offer you a range of rigging points from the hall ceiling for elements you need to hang: structure, lighting, screens, signage, inflatables, etc., from basic points with steel cables to points with manual or electric motors for lifting.

Your stand can thus be made more visible from more areas of the venue, optimising stand space and making it easier for visitors to move around by raising structures away from the floor to the desired height.
Plan the assembly of your stand and request your rigging requirements well in advance. Only in this way will you be able to take advantage of Rate 1 and avoid the high logistical costs entailed in contracting at the last minute.

Rate 1
This will apply to quotations confirmed up to 7 days before the official assembly start-date of the exhibition. Confirmation will not be regarded as valid if any of the details are missing, such as the stand plan, height and weight load of rigging points, type and characteristics of the structure, etc.


Rate 2
This will apply when the confirmation of the quotation comes later than the deadline for the application of Rate 1. The Fira cannot definitely commit to undertaking any work that is confirmed less than 7 days in advance of the start of assembly.

Expo - Rigging

Get in touch with Expo-Rigging for any type of information you need.

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Important: purchase in advance

The hiring of products and services that appear in this catalogue will be valid up to 7 days before the beginning of the exhibition's assembly. After this date, the new Express Portfolio will be activated, with limited hiring products and with their original prices increased.

Purchase in advance to obtain more assortment of products and services, and save money.

General contracting conditions

These conditions shall apply to the contracting of all goods, supplies and services duly outlined in the Portfolio and specified in each form.