Floral decorations

Everything you need to make your stand a more welcoming place. And if what you want is a special landscaping plan don't hesitate to contact us on +34 93 233 20 00. Anything is possible.

Trees, plant compositions, ferns, square planters, Kentia palm, Schefflera, Ficus and Yuccas. The choice is yours.


We also have the best in parterres and marble pebbles for your stand decoration.

Important: purchase in advance

The hiring of products and services that appear in this catalogue will be valid up to 7 days before the beginning of the exhibition's assembly. After this date, the new Express Portfolio will be activated, with limited hiring products and with their original prices increased.

Purchase in advance to obtain more assortment of products and services, and save money.

General contracting conditions

These conditions shall apply to the contracting of all goods, supplies and services duly outlined in the Portfolio and specified in each form.