Exclusive supplier of utilities and services

ServiFira has the exclusive right to the supply of basic services such as telephony, network lines, electricity, water, drainage, compressed air, rigging, etc.

This demonstrates its tremendous capacity for organisation and coordination, handling the technical requirements of more than 5,000 direct exhibitors each year.

The Fira de Barcelona is synonymous with assurance and experience in the provision of services for exhibitors.

Furthermore, when contracting deadlines are observed, ServiFira orders take priority when it come to assembly, thus optimising the construction and delivery of products and services to exhibitors to at least 48 hours before the inauguration of the event. We also provide a Call Centre (+34 93 233 20 00) to respond to your queries without delay.

For security reasons, Cleaning and Merchandise handling may only be contracted through the official suppliers to ServiFira.

Technical Plan

If you have contracted a special utility service, please remember that it is mandatory to use the technical plan to indicate the location of the accessories or services requested on your stand.

Important: purchase in advance

The hiring of products and services that appear in this catalogue will be valid up to 7 days before the beginning of the exhibition's assembly. After this date, the new Express Portfolio will be activated, with limited hiring products and with their original prices increased.

Purchase in advance to obtain more assortment of products and services, and save money.